Allergene and Plant Kits

Fast and reliable detection of allergenes/plant species
in different materials via real-time-PCR


The GEN-IAL® PCR kits for allergenes and plant species enable a fast and reliable detection of either plant in general or different specific plants DNA in all sorts of materials, e.g.: raw materials, feed, food and beverages. The detection of plant in even highly processed food/feed is possible and offers a wide range of quality controls (e.g. soy in meat products, soy in feed, celery detection in spices,...)


The detection with real-time PCR with sequence-specific dual labelled probes (hydrolyses format, TaqMan®), takes about 2 hours. The kits contain two detection systems in one reaction: the plant specific system and an internal inhibition control system. The plant specific system emits a maximum fluorescent signal at 518nm (FAM, SybrGreen™ channel) and the inhibition control at (560nm HEX, JOE channel).

We offer kits for following plant species:
plant in general, soy, canola, rice, maize, flax, cotton, celery, lupine, mustard, almond, cashew, haselnut, sesame, papaya, potato (see product catalog).

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