Animal PCR Kit

Fast and reliable detection of animal content
in different materials via realtime-PCR


We offer kits for different animal species and for animals as a whole (mamalian + poultry) .

The GEN-IAL® First-Meat PCR kit enables a fast and reliable detection of mammalian and poultry DNA in different materials, e.g.: raw materials, feed, food and beverages. The detection of meat in even highly processed food/ feed is possible and offers a wide range of quality controls (e.g. vegan or vegetarian food, halal control). Together with the species specific kits a quantitative determination of specific  animals is possible (e.g. % bovine in goat milk cheese)

Test Principle:

The realtime PCR is based on hotstart PCR and sequence-specific dual labelled probes (TaqMan®), which, when accurately hybridised, emit a measurable fluorescent signal of a defined wave length in the extension phase. The increase of signal is continuously measured in a realtime PCR detection instrument.
The kit contains two detection systems in one reaction: the meat specific system and an internal inhibition control system. The meat specific system emits a maximum fluorescent signal at 518nm (FAM, SybrGreen channel) and the inhibition control at (560nm HEX, JOE channel).

We offer also species specific kits for following animal species:
bovine, pig, horse, donkey, sheep, goat, chicken, duck, turkey (see product catalogue)

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