Animal PCR Kit

Fast and reliable detection of animal content
in different materials via realtime-PCR


We offer single and multiplex detection kits for animal species and animals in general (mammals and poultry).

The GEN-IAL® First-Meat PCR Kit allows a fast and reliable detection of mammalian and poultry DNA in various materials e.g: raw materials, feed, cereals, food, raw materials, beverages and many more. The detection is also possible in highly processed products and suitable for questions such as vegan, vegetarian or halal suitability.

Especially the new GEN-IAL® First Meat-Extended Kit with differentiated detection of plant+animal+human is suitable as DNA extraction control as well as for differentiating human contamination from actual meat additions in vegan/vegetarian products.

All kits contain an internal inhibition control.

Test Principle:

The realtime PCR is based on hotstart PCR and sequence-specific dual labelled probes (TaqMan®), which, when accurately hybridised, emit a measurable fluorescent signal of a defined wave length in the extension phase. The increase of signal is continuously measured in a realtime PCR detection instrument.
The kit contains two detection systems in one reaction: the meat specific system and an internal inhibition control system. The meat specific system emits a maximum fluorescent signal at 518nm (FAM, SybrGreen channel) and the inhibition control at (560nm HEX, JOE channel).

We offer also species specific kits for following animal species:
bovine, pork, horse, donkey, sheep, goat, chicken, duck, turkey, goose, ruminants, fish, diverse multiplex kits... (see product catalogue)

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