GenControl® Kits

Reliable GMO detection and quantitation from food,
feed, seed and beverages

The GenControl® Kits enable the reliable and rapid detection of genetically modified organisms in various materials. They have been developed, validated and tested in accordance with German (§64 LFGB, LAG) and European standards (DIN,CEN,ISO) in interlaboratory comparisons. The systems are sensitive, specific and easy to handle.

The range of kits is continuously adapted to the needs of the market. Kits are offered especially for the analyses required by VLOG. We are constantly developing multiplex systems to reduce the cost of analysis for the laboratory.

- Raw materials: e.g. soybeans, grain, ...
- Food: e.g. baby food, bakery products, finished products, soy drinks, ...
- highly processed products: e.g. starch, lecithin, soy sauce, tomato puree, cereals, ...
- beverage bases: e.g. concentrates, fruit nectar, ...
- Animal feed: e.g. pet food, concentrated feed, ...

The systems are offered in real-time PCR format:
- Real-time PCR using hybridization probes in hydrolysis format (so-called TaqMan principle) as far as possible according to §64 LFGB or EU methods. Multiplex-PCR kits use FAM/HEX/ROX/Cy5.

Available genControl GMO PCR kits see product catalogue.

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