First-Salmonella PCR Kit

Real-time PCR-Detection of Salmonella


GEN-IAL® First-Salmonella PCR kit is a ready-to-use system for the rapid detection of all pathogene Salmonella DNA in different real-time-PCR machines according to DIN EN.


Qualitative Salmonella detection in raw materials, food and feed by realtime PCR.

Test Principle:

Salmonella DNA is detected by real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) with sequence specific hydrolysis probes (TaqMan® principle) in less than one hour. False negative results due to inhibition are avoided by an internal inhibition control, that is amplified together with the specific sequence in one reaction tube.


High specificity by using optimized primer and probes for the pathogene Salmonella (S. enterica and S. bongori).


Highest sensitivity for low genome copies after pre enrichment in peptone water.


Validated system in accordance with actual §64 LFGB and DIN EN method for detection of Salmonella by realtime PCR.

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