Detection of spoilage microorganisms
in beverages

beer.jpgThe detection and identification of spoilage organisms in beverages has so far been based on time-consuming, often unspecific, cultural enrichment methods. Only after at least five days does the tarnishing of the cultivated sample point towards a case of spoilage. This rarely leaves enough time to take counteractive measures. The PCR method, on the other hand, offers beverage producers the possibility of rapid results by safely detecting contamination through microorganisms at any point in the production process within hours.

GEN-IAL uses the latest PCR analysis to quickly and safely detect spoilage in beer and other beverages due to microorganism contamination. The screening and/or specific PCR systems applied were developed by GEN-IAL and cover bacteria, yeasts and fusarias. 

Advantages of PCR analysis:

  • rapid, safe, specific
  • early detection of contaminations
  • safety in production and filling


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